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CRH Electric LLC Provides Electrical Troubleshooting for Common Problems

Most things that can go wrong with a building will, given enough time. Fortunately for most Chesterfield home owners, most of these problems are minor annoyances or nuisances at their worst. Can’t shut a single window? Deal with a drafty living room for a while or put on a sweater.

Air conditioning system shuts down? Sweat it out, or shell out for a replacement.

Microwave oven past its best-by date? Learn to love your oven’s ‘broil’ function.

But when something goes wrong with your home’s electrical wiring? That goes way beyond nuisance and into ‘life-threatening’ territory.

For the safety of you and your loved ones, it’s important to troubleshoot your home’s electrical systems with the help of a licensed electrician. Identifying the problem correctly can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs, but it can even save your life!

Locating the Problem

This is one of the more difficult aspects of the troubleshooting process for laymen. Without a firm knowledge of your home’s wiring, it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly the electrical problem is and where it is located.

If you’re only alerted to the fact you’ve got a fault in your electrical setup when the power goes off, well, in your mind in could be anywhere in the home. But a certified electrician will quickly be able to investigate the most likely areas.

Check your circuit breaker panel. Is one area in the house affected, or was power cut to the primary circuit? Your electrical troubleshooter from CRH Electric LLC will walk you through the inspection process before someone arrives to check it out in person.

Testing Solutions

Anyone can purchase an electrometer at the local hardware store, but you’ll need heavier firepower than that to be able to test your home’s electrical connection properly. Most residential electricians working today will bring a laptop with them because the average household uses a much more complex power system today than in the past.

Your technician could use any of the following tools to identify what’s gone wrong with your current flow and figure out a plan to fix the problem:

  • Multimeters to measure AC and DC voltages, current flow, and resistance
  • Voltmeters
  • Continuity testers to determine if your current is interrupted or irregular
  • Capacity testers

It’s crucial that you know how to use all these different tools correctly to correctly identify the source of the problem. Most of us do not, and so opt to call a licensed electrician instead.

Safe Inspection and Repair

When dealing with your home’s electrical setup, it’s crucial you don’t jeopardize your safety to do so. A licensed electrician will have the right safety gear and years of on-the-job training that allow them to safely do jobs the average homeowner in Chesterfield cannot.

Whenever you run into an electrical problem, call CRH Electric LLC. We’ll help you troubleshoot the issue and send one of our trained technicians over to get to the root of the question. And with our affordable rates, there’s never been a better reason to call us today!