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LED Recessed Lighting

Why You Should Consider an LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit for Your Mechanicsville Home or Business

By now, most people living in Mechanicsville know the benefits that light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can bring to their home or business. Their advantages over incandescent lights are well known by now, but we’ll remind you: a much longer lifespan, less energy used for lighting, less power lost through heat, and the ability to create lights of any size. When it comes to the environment and your wallet, there’s no better choice than switching to LEDs.

So, what’s the problem? Well, many homeowners in Mechanicsville have recessed lighting fixtures in their garages or living rooms, and downlighting is extremely common in pretty much every commercial industry. If you have recessed lighting—and you probably do, otherwise you would not have found this web page—you already know that it can be a stylish and subtle choice for lighting your building.

What you didn’t know when you installed your recessed can light fixtures is that the vast majority of them are NOT compatible with LED lighting. That’s a problem for any home or business owner in Mechanicsville hoping to bring their building into the 21st century. And that’s where CRH Electric LLC comes in!

What’s a Retrofit?

The word ‘retrofit’ combines the word ‘retro,’ or ‘past,’ and ‘fit,’ which needs no explanation. It means that you take an older technology—in a home, business, or even in a machine like a home computer—and adapt it to be able to work with a piece of newer technology. CRH Electric LLC assists Mechanicsville home and business owners with installing environmentally friendly and affordable LED lights into their existing can light fixtures.

Do I Need to Rip Out My Wiring and Start Fresh?

Most people rightly regard the thought of reinstalling every light in their house with a certain degree of horror and trepidation and, well, we can’t say we blame them! But undertaking an LED recessed lighting retrofit avoids this whenever possible. Our technicians will try out every alternative—including adapters and new fixtures—before resorting to rewiring your building. Moreover, we’re happy to say that in 99.9% of cases, they succeed, saving you a ton of money!

Why Can’t I Just Put LED Lights Into My Existing Fixtures?

You’re certainly welcome to try—we can’t stop you. However, older can light fixtures were designed to provide power to incandescent bulbs, not LEDs, and so you may run into trouble if you go this route. You’ll undoubtedly void any warranty you had on either the lamp or the fixture.

We’ve even heard of customers having their circuit breakers shut off due to constant short-circuiting before they opted for a retrofit.

Whom Should I Call to Retrofit My Recessed Lighting?

To bring your home or business into the 21st century, be sure to call CRH Electric LLC. We have more experience making existing can and recessed lighting LED-compatible than any other electrical company in Mechanicsville. Our commitment is to sound environmental stewardship and saving our customers money whenever we can.