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Why You Should Call CRH Electric LLC for Panel Upgrades Today

We’re willing to bet that most people understand the basic electrical principles that keep their home appliances running smoothly day after day. You flick a switch, and a current flows into whatever needs power, right?

In some ways, it’s not too much more complicated than that. But when it comes to the safety and regulatory side of things? That’s where it gets really complex. We’d be willing to bet the majority of home and business owners in Chesterfield don’t know how to run a ground wire to an electrical panel. But you know what? That’s fine! Not everyone needs to be an expert on every subject. And when Chesterfield residents need help with understanding their home or business’s electrical system, they call CRH Electric LLC.

Take breaker boxes, for example. What is a breaker box? What function does it serve in my home or business? Is it beside the fuse box? If you can answer all these questions comfortably, you may want to skip reading this web page. But for the rest of us, CRH Electric LLC has put together this guide to breaker panel upgrades. Give it a look over!

Breaker Boxes, Explained

Your circuit breaker panel, or breaker box, is, in layman’s terms, a control panel for the flow of electricity in your house. You might have known these as fuse boxes in the past, but most people living in Chesterfield now have circuit breaker panels instead. Why?

Well, fuses were made of pieces of metal designed to melt when overheated. This broke a given circuit very effectively but also literally broke the fuse, which meant you needed to keep extras on hand at any time to replace them.

Now you can simply flip a switch to reset your home’s electricity.

If your kitchen appliances are using too much power, your breaker will break the circuit. There are breakers for every room in your house as well as two for your entire home.

Following so far? Good, because we’re moving onto panel upgrades now!

Why Do I Need a Panel Upgrade?

Well, you might not. But most people are living or working in homes that are older than 15 years old. Which means their electrical panels were installed at a time when the average home used much less power than it does today!

Between air conditioning, smart refrigerators, and the wide variety of screens that keep us entertained, most people use more electricity than they did before. Which puts a major strain on the limit of the circuit breaker.

If your circuit breaker panel is only designed to handle 50 or 100 amps of power, it won’t be able to keep up demand. The result? Your home goes dark more often as the panel overheats and engages its safety shutoff feature.

Breaker panel upgrades to a 200 amp model ensure you won’t need to worry about your breaker box for decades to come. It also lessens your risk of electrical fire and dangerous power surges.